The Law & The Gospel

If one were to “boil” the Bible down to its basic components, one would find two distinctly different doctrines, The Law and The Gospel. The main function of the Law is to show us our unrighteousness. When the Law shows us our sin, however, it doesn't give us any power, energy or desire to keep it. It serves mainly as a mirror, reflecting back to us who we are and how we have failed to keep God’s revealed will for us in all its parts (Romans 3:19-20). The Law can only declare you guilty. The main function of the Gospel is to show us what God did to save us from our sinful rebellion and our disregard for God’s law. God saves us by calling us to faith in Jesus Christ, whose suffering, death and resurrection atoned (or covered) our sin and who has imputed (or credited) His perfect righteousness to us. The Law can only declare you guilty. Jesus declares the guilty forgiven. (John 5:39 ; 20:30-31Romans 4:5 ; 10:172 Timothy 3:15ff; and 1 John 1:8-9 ).