Christian Vocation & Life

By “vocation” we mean the stations in which we find ourselves in life. Pastor, church member, judge, president, soldier, doctor, police officer, garbage man, mother, father, child, teacher, student -- wherever you are in life, you will find yourself in several vocations.

The vocations God has placed us in are the ways God works through us in order to serve the world.
Vocations are lived out in service to society. In anything that involves action, anything that concerns the world or our relationships, there is nothing that falls in a private sphere lying outside our Christian vocation. The vocations God calls us to are intended to serve and help others. It is through our vocations that God’s creative and loving work moves in the world. Through our vocations God fulfills His desire to love us. For example, God chooses to bring the next generation into the world through the passionate love of a husband (male) and a wife (female). In this example God is working in the world through parents. We call the fulfilling of these vocations good works. So, that’s right . . . a husband and wife ‘making love’ to one another are doing God’s work.
Vocations are rightly understood when we see them as the way in which God serves us through those around us. So our vocations in life are not a way to gain salvation, or be resurrected, or have a right relationship with God; rather they are the way God works through us to serve this world. Anotherway to say it is, we are God’s “masks” in this world.